Event Listing

Event Logo 2018 USATF JO Region 8 Championship Meet
Thursday, July 5, 2018 - Sunday, July 8, 2018
Start Time: 12:30 PM
Iowa State University, Cyclone Sports Complex, 1022 Welch Ave
Ames, IA

Spectator Admission
Admission prices for all spectators are as follows. All athletes and certified coaches (identified prior to the meet) must wear their competition number or badge to enter the facility free of charge. Only competing athletes will be allowed within the competition field.
Day Spectator Under 6
Thursday $5.00 Free
Friday $5.00 Free
Saturday $5.00 Free
Sunday $5.00 Free
4-Day Meet Pas $17.00 Free


Cash, no checks.
Athletes will gain free entrance as long as they are wearing their wrist band.

Coaches must:
• Be a current USATF member,
• Have a current USATF background screen,
• Have completed the SafeSport course, and
• Be listed as a coach on their club’s USATF on-line club registry

Packet Pick-Up
Packet pick-up will be at a tent located at the track entrance on the west side. Packet pick-up will be open during meet hours and from 5-7 on July 4, 5, and 6.
Team/Volunteer/Spectator Parking
Parking will be available in lot west of the stadium.

Registration Fees/Deadlines
The Fees for the Region 8 Meet are as follows, $8 for individual events, $32 for relays, $20 for the Decathlon/Heptathlon, and $15 for the Pentathlon/Triathlon. Registration is through only. The opening date for registration may vary with individual Associations. It will be dependent upon completion of that Association’s Meet and that meet administration providing results to The goal will be to have registration available for the respective athletes 5 days after their Association meet.
The entry deadline in is midnight on July 1st. This deadline will allow the host Association to prepare appropriately for the meet based on entries at that time.

Late Entries
Late entries must go through, and be approved by your respective association chair.
If approved the fee structure will be as follows:
Within 24 hours past the original deadline -- Monday -- $25 per athlete
24-48 hours past the original deadline -- Tuesday -- $50 per athlete
48-72 hours past the original deadline -- Wednesday -- $75 per athlete
Anytime after that -- Thursday -- $100 per athlete
Late fees will be due at gate when picking up athletes bib.

Athlete Competition/Bib Numbers
Athletes entered in the meet will receive a bib number at packet pick-up along with a wristband. Bib numbers are required for competition and must be worn on the front of the uniform unless instructed otherwise. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost bib or wristband. Requests for replacements should be made at the Registration tent located outside the main gate. A wristband is required at admission gate for free admission.

Running Event Information
Athletes entered in running events must report to the clerking/hipping area when called (usually 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the event.) Bib numbers are required for check in.
Any preliminary events that have eight (8) or fewer competitors at check-in will be contested as a final AT THE SCHEDULED PRELIMINARY TIME. Athletes will receive heat and lane assignments and hip numbers in the clerking area prior to each race.

Only competing athletes will be allowed in the clerking area. For preliminary events, the top (8) will advance to finals based on time.

Coaches/Parents will not be allowed in the declaration or clerking areas

Heat Assignments
All events will be seeded prior to the start of the meet.

Events with prelims (200m and below) will be seeded completely random, heat and lane assignments will all be random. All other events (400 and above and 200 hurdles) will be seeded based on times from the respective association meets. The fastest times will be in the last heat. For example: in a 400M Dash with 29 competitors. The top 8 times will be in heat 4, the next 8 fastest in heat 3, the next 8 in heat 2, and the remaining 5 in heat 1. The respective heats will have lane assignments as such – the fastest 4 times in the heat will be randomly placed in the middle 4 lanes, and the remaining runners will be randomly placed in the remaining lanes.

Advancement to Finals
Events that have prelims with advancers to finals will advance the fastest 8 runners to the finals based on time.

Relay Information
Reminder – members of relay teams must wear a top of the same color as well as shorts of the same color or matching body suits. Relay teams should provide their own batons. A limited number of batons will be available if needed.

Relay zone exchanges have been changed.
Rule 170.3
In the 4x100m, the 4x200m, the first and second exchanges in the ‘Swedish’ Medley and the outdoor Sprint Medley relays, each takeover zone shall be 30m long, of which the scratch line is 20m from the start of the zone. For the third exchange in the ‘Swedish’ Medley Relay and in the 4x400m and longer relays each exchange zone shall be 20m long of which the scratch line is the center. The zones shall start and finish at the edges of the zone lines nearest the start line in the running direction. For each exchange conducted in lanes, a designated official shall ensure that the athletes are correctly placed in their exchange zone and are aware of any applicable acceleration zone. The designated official shall also ensure that Rule 170.5 is observed.
Translation: The exchange zone is now 30 meters long with no acceleration zone. Athletes can line up anywhere within the 30 meter zone. Exchange must be made before the end of the exchange zone. (eliminates exchanging before entering the zone) Since NCAA and NFHS has not adopted this rule yet, tracks will still be marked the old way, so the exchange zone will be the acceleration (olympic) zone plus the traditional exchange zone.

Starting Blocks (Rule 302.2(e))
Athletes in the 15-16 and 17-18 age groups shall, in accordance with Rules 161, be required to use starting blocks for all events up to and including the 400 Meter Dash and the first leg of all relays where that leg does not exceed 400 meters. For athletes in the 8 & U, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 age groups general rules regarding the use of starting blocks and stance are waived (the use of starting blocks and stance is within the discretion of the competitor). The setting of a competitor’s starting blocks other than by the competitor or an individual designated by the starter is prohibited.
All athletes will be required to use blocks supplied by the organizing committee.

False Start Rule (302.2(d))
False starts are called on individuals, not on the field. For the 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 year old divisions, for a first false start by a competitor, a yellow and black (diagonally halved) card shall be raised in front of the respective competitor(s), and when lane markers are being used, a corresponding indication should be placed on the respective lane marker(s). For a second false start, the respective competitor(s) shall be disqualified.

Field Event Information
Throwing implements that comply with required specifications and belong to individuals may be accepted for use in competition. Implements accepted shall lose their identity as privately owned for the duration of the competition. Privately owned javelins are exempt from this loss of identity rule. The top (8) best marks will advance to the finals. In the pole vault we will follow Rule 302.5(n). We will have a field referee inspecting poles prior to warm-up to make sure that the poles are legal equipment. Each competitor will also be required to weigh in, to ensure that the athlete’s weight shall be at or below the manufacturer's pole rating.

High jump progression will be 5cm, pole vault 15cm (both open and combined events) as stated in Rule 302.5(o) and 302.6(d).

Awards/National Entry Information
Awards will be presented to top 5 finishers in all events, including combined events, IMMEDIATELY upon completion of the final. Athletes should proceed to the award stand at the center of the track immediately after the event. Track and field shall advance the top five (5) placed individual and the top five (5) placed relay teams to the National meet.

The top two (2) places in the combined events (tri/pent/hep/dec) plus any athletes meeting the performance standard below (in this meet) will qualify for the national meet. The top (5) athletes for the combined events will still receive awards.

Athletes must be seven (7) years of age by December 31 of the current year to compete at the Junior Olympic National Meet. Entries will be online only. The USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships will be held from Monday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 29th at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, NC

Question/protest procedures
There will be an area designated for questions and/or protests. You have 30 minutes after the results of an event have been posted to file a protest, per Rule 146.2. A $75.00 cash fee is required and will be refunded only if the protest is upheld.

Results will be posted by the concession stand of the stadium.

Warm-Up and Coaches Area
The running events warm-up area is located on the grass area which is south of the competition track. Field events will have specified warm-up areas and coaches boxes near the competition site. Absolutely no warm-ups on the soccer field/track in-field.